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Gov Fund

Recycling Fund


Recycling Fund, which began its application in October 2015, aims at helping the recycling industry enhance operational capacity and efficiency as well as promoting sustainable development within the industry. The Fund is complemented with an Enterprise Support Programme (ESP), which provides matching funds to strengthen the recycling and value-added chain projects, including source classification, collection, transportation and disposal. The matching funds are also provided for improvement, commercialization, marketing and sales of recycled products made from recyclables. Moreover, the funding can be used to provide training for employees to operate an enhanced recycling operation. The maximum amount of funding can be up to five million.


Since a large number of applications for the funding is currently received, Vetting Committee will only review a written application to determine its audit. Therefore, whether the applicants are able to specify in the application documents about how to enhance the volume and quality of recycling material from waste streams, the competitiveness of recycled products, and thereby reducing the amount of landfill disposal becomes the key to success of the application.


Hence, we provide professional consultancy services on Recycling Fund, including project proposal preparation, submission of an application, monitoring the progress of the project to ensure the project implementation meets the basic requirements of Recycling Fund, project final report preparation and organizing the financial auditing report. We have already helped 1 enterprise to successfully apply the fund, in which the tasks include assisting in development of website, procurement of additional vehicles and equipment as well as increasing manpower and training.

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